PDG Jeffrey Afful - HOC Chair
PDG Jeffrey Afful - HOC Chair
Message from the HOC Chair

The West Africa Project Fair (WAPF) returns to Ghana for another round of exciting encounters between Rotary clubs and International Partners in our quest to address the needs of our communities in the sub-region through service projects.  Despite the health and social distancing protocols that have resulted from the corona virus pandemic, Rotarians have not shirked their responsibility in undertaking humanitarian projects. The West Africa Project Fair has adopted the virtual space to continue with the fair thus enabling clubs to showcase their projects on a global scale outside our zone to attract more International Partners. 

The International Partners have been very consistent with their participation in our project fairs, and over the years, the organizers of the fairs have tried to create an even platform to give clubs equal opportunities and access to International Partners. Although we shall be missing the physical camaraderie and table-top interactions, virtual face-to-face sessions have been incorporated this year for clubs and partners to engage ‘one-on-one’ to discuss specific projects and to share ideas.

Each participating club will have the chance to exhibit up to four categorized projects within the seven areas of focus. Clubs would also be allowed to post their projects at a designated section of the WAPF website either in power point presentation, video clip or YouTube recording. Partners can therefore pre-view projects but should only engage clubs during the fair. We have also introduced new features at the website and we hope you take some time to explore.

The West Africa Project Fair has been founded on one of the key elements of an effective Rotary Club, to undertake service projects. Through this avenue Rotarians from 6 Districts (D9101, D9102, D9110, D9125, D9141 and D9142) join hands to ‘SERVE TO CHANGE LIVES’ in partnership with Rotarians in other Districts for the betterment of our communities.

On behalf of the Host Organizing Committee and the WAPF Apex Committee, I wish to encourage all clubs in the aforementioned six districts to register for the fair to take advantage of the global reach in securing funds for their club projects.

We are also looking forward to seeing and welcoming our International Partners through this virtual window to experience the renowned Ghanaian hospitality. 

We say Akwaaba !!!

Jeffrey Afful (PDG)
Chair of HOC

WAPF 2021

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